Are you working with Romanian clients?

Are they unable to make their voices heard because of the language barrier?

I am here to support them and you have an easier dialog.

Help each other dialogues

We are living in a diversity multilingual day and age and we need to be able to communicate with each other. There are times when dialogue is possible only through an interpreter.

That is the reason we created this project, to help people and/or companies to talk to each other in the same language.

Multiple possibilities for communication

The interpreting services can be done face to face, on the phone, through video apps.

Public Sector

We are offering translations and interpreting services for the Public Sector for non-English speakers within communities, relating but not limited to emergency services, police, local councils, GP`s, banks, lawyers, H.M.R.C., immigration.

our happy clients

Working in a complex and varied environment with people from all over the world is challenging sometimes so I needed help communicating with a new member of staff who is Romanian. I looked online for an interpreter and I found this company, offering services even over the phone. With their help I managed to get my ideas across. Thank you!

Rene Moreland

I`ve decided to book a trip to Romania (Dracula and all that ) and I found a charming old style B&B that I wanted to book as well, but I couldn`t do it online so I had to call. No one spoke English, so I decided to hire this company (found it online after a few clicks) to call and do the booking on my behalf. Everything went well. Thank you, dear!

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